Classic Assam Black Tea

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  • Rich in antioxidants to protect against cell damage
  • Boosts energy with caffeine
  • Supports heart health with its antioxidants and compounds
  • Reduces stress and promotes mental clarity with theanine
  • Supports weight management, skin health, bone health, and immune function.
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Try our special Assam Orthodox Black Tea! This tea has a dark amber color and a full taste. It starts with a malty flavor and gets stronger as you drink it. You can also taste the sweetness of yellow raisins and date palms in the middle. The end of the tea has a woody flavor and a fruity taste that makes the tea unforgettable. Malt, date palms, yellow raisins, wood, and fruit all come together to make this tea an excellent experience for your senses.

  • Dark Amber colored Assam Orthodox Black Tea
  • Full-bodied and mellow taste with delectable malt notes
  • Sweet undertones of yellow raisins and date palm
  • Delicate woody accents and delightful stone-fruity flavors
  • Aromatic and flavorful experience
  • Notes of malt, date palm, yellow raisins, woody undertones, and stone-fruity accents for a well-rounded taste.

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5 reviews for Classic Assam Black Tea

  1. Ravi Singh

    I’ve been drinking Teariest’s Assam tea for years and it never disappoints. The quality is consistent, and the taste is always amazing.

  2. Divya Singh

    The Assam tea is simply the best. The aroma is amazing, and the flavor is rich and full-bodied.

  3. Nisha Sharma

    Teariest’s Assam tea is my go-to choice for a relaxing afternoon cup of tea. The taste is unbeatable!
    Affordable, fast delivery and fresh tea.

  4. Pooja Verma

    I absolutely loved This Assam tea. It’s the perfect combination of strength and flavor, and I can’t get enough of it!

  5. Priya Patel

    I highly recommend Teariest’s Assam tea. The quality is superb, and it’s a great value for the price.

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